If you are looking for the best kayak for beginners, consider this one. Conquest’s Dyad Kayak is made for two and has room for a view – specifically, clear-bottom viewing panels so that paddlers can take a break and watch the life aquatic progress beneath them. It’s a fun trick for outdoor adventures and families alike…at least when it works. The Dyad is an inflatable kayak that, when fully blown up, stretches 11 feet from end to end and holds up to 500 pounds.

The surface is made of a marine polyshell and the hull is formed from four PVC air bladders. According to Conquest, a carrying bag and two paddles are included. The retail price starts at $699.

It bears mentioning that the viewing panels work better in some circumstances than others. Conquest recommends using the Dyad kayak in still water whenever possible. Any rapids are likely to cloud your view, require your immediate attention, and zoom the fish life past too fast to see. As you can extrapolate, clear-bottomed kayaks work best in tropical regions like Hawaii and the Caribbean, or in ponds and lakes.

If you do buy the Dyad kayak, treat it more carefully than traditional kayaks, because that inflatable PVC and polyester may be more prone to holes and leaks, especially during roughhousing (the kayak comes with a repair kit). Consider a sturdy boat if you kayak around a lot of rocks – or an LED version if you want to try kayaking at night.

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  1. Isn’t rubber/plastic (the material normally made for inflatable items clear?…I feel like most companies choose not to leave any strong inflatable items meant for heavy water travel non-transparent because it is specifically what could attract sharks or other vicious creatures in the water to attack…How is this a good idea?

    1. Dunno, but I’ve had one for close to 10 years and I have been in lakes, rivers, and oceans with it, and nothing has eaten me yet! :)

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