One of the great aggravations of apartment dwellers around the world is laundry. If you’re lucky, your building has a few machines in the basement you can hope aren’t being used when you’ve actually got a minute to drag down the washing. If you’re unlucky, it’s off to the laundromat. If you usually have a larger load to throw in the wash, you should also read our review Sanyo air wash washing machine.  So the Drumi is a welcome laundry appliance for pretty much everyone. Learn about the best washing machine.

Laundry By The Foot

The Drumi is pretty simple. Put in about five pounds of laundry, or about five or six items like t-shirts or undies. Add some water, five liters worth, and some detergent, close it up, and start working that foot pedal. As your foot pumps, the mesh ball inside the Drumi spins, working the soap through the clothes. Drain it, add another five liters, rinse off your clothes, and then hang them up to dry out. For another unique style of washing machine, take a look at our wall mounted washing machine concept too.

In other words, if you just need a quick load washed, or if you want to get some stuff clean before you make a laundromat trip, you’ll be able to get in done in the time it takes to air-dry. Speaking of washing machines, you might also be interested in our review of the human washing machine (yes you must be naked, and no, there will be no happy ending) review.

Wash With Your Feet

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Now, granted, only being able to wash a few t-shirts at a time isn’t going to take the place of your washing machine, wherever it may reside. But if you need to keep a few things clean, and can’t drag everything to the laundromat every time you just need a few T-shirts clean, it’s well worth the $130 they’re asking.

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