The Double: a Segway for your iPad (video)

Segway, while an innovative idea for its time, was never a run away hit thanks to their high price and their lack of utilitarian value.  Sure, they’re a ton of fun to ride, but there isn’t anything you can do on a Segway you can’t do on a bicycle, or foot.  However, if the Segway enabled you to be in two places at one time, then we’re confident that they’d be as common as the household vacuum cleaner.  What are we talking about?


The Double is a Segway for your iPad.  There really isn’t a more simple way to explain this bizarre piece of machinery.  The Apple tablet mounts into the motorized neck of the device (it can be adjusted 47″ to 60″ in height), and thanks to the built-in WiFi and camera, a user can control it from any where in the world, remotely, using another iPad (both iPads must have the app installed).  And hence the name, Double.  Much like the Segway it uses a gyroscope to stay upright, and can fold out a kickstand when it’s not cruising around the office.  The whole setup weighs 15lbs, so they say it won’t damage furniture if you happen to have a few drinks while behind the proverbial wheel.  And the battery lasts for up to 8 hours on a full, 2 hour charge.

Okay, so you’re thinking it’s a bit OTT, or over the top.  But there are some logical uses.  For instance, college campus tours.  Not all students can travel to remote locations.  The Double would enable them to walk the campus and interact with students and teachers, though we’re confident the experience would be anything but analogous to that of an actual physical visit.  That said, the Double’s utility will probably be fully realized by businesses.  The above product video shows a man sitting at home.  He is able to visit a workshop while simultaneously attending what is presumably a strategy meeting in a remote office all without leaving the confines of his abode.  Nevertheless, it’s a reach at this point, but the company says they’ve sold out of their initial production batch.

Order the Double now for $2,000, and it should arrive sometime in early 2013.

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