The Darth Vader Mug Will Give Your Morning A Dark Side

We all need a pick-me-up in the morning. Even the most bright-eyed and bushy-tailed morning person will want a cup of coffee to really get going. And that likely goes double for the Empire, while a bad morning will more or less bump you off. So why not start your morning with that most motivational of managers… Darth Vader?

An Awakening In The Force

This isn’t exactly a fancy gadget; it’s a coffee mug. But it’s a very nice coffee mug, molded after Darth Vader’s iconic helmet, and designed with assistance from Lucasfilm. So unlike some other Star Wars merch you perhaps regret buying, this look pretty legit and great for a Star Wars gift. However, it does have one very handy feature for those who like ceramic mugs and also moving around; there’s a dome you can clamp over Vader’s noggin to keep your coffee inside, and said mug holds a whopping 24 ounces of the dark stuff. No, we mean coffee.

A Mug Fit For An Emperor

To be honest, even if you don’t like Star Wars, and we hear there’s a support group for that, this is probably worth the $25 if you need a big ceramic mug with a lid. Trust the coffee addict who bought this right away; those are hard to find. Fortunately, you just need to go to ThinkGeek. The only downside is that it’s not safe for either microwaves or dishwashers, but hey. Lord Vader deserves a handwash.

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