The Darth Vader Lightsaber iPhone Battery Uses The Force. Well, Electrons, But Still.


Some of us have seen Star Wars, and liked it. Some of us have seen Star Wars, and loved it. And some of us are currently fretting over whether or not they’ll be able to make it to Disneyland to experience Tomorrowland becoming a Star Wars attraction. One guess where the guys at Brando are targeting their latest smartphone toy!

Your Bidding, My Master

Yep, it’s a Vader-themed mobile phone battery, designed for anything that can take a USB port. To be fair, this is more than just a gimmick, as it’s a pretty decent battery on its own. At 2800 mAh, you should be able to fill up your phone quite nicely, making this not just a common star wars gifts but also a pretty useful little tool, at least. On the other hand, you didn’t click the link to read about batteries.

A Weapon For A More Civilized Age

The battery is completely styled to look like Darth Vader’s lightsaber, albeit this isn’t a life-size model, even if it is six inches long. So much so that Brando actually got the blessing of Lucasarts to make this particular device, which either means selling iPhone toys is a lucrative business or Brando is moving up in the world. Joking aside, it’s accurate right down to a little glowing red LED in the tip, although as far as we can tell this doesn’t come with any polycarbonate “blades” to turn this into a full on Star Wars lightsaber… er… lightdirk? Lightdagger? Lightchefsknife?

Feel The Nerdiness Welling Within You


This is undeniably a practical item packaged as a silly toy to make nerds squee and buy one because Star Wars. But, unlike long-saber mint-on-card variants, this actually has a use, and if you’ve got to carry a battery for your phone around, you should at least have a little fun with it. This is available from Brando for $50.

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