The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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In this fantasy thriller, the Skeksis try to harvest immortality from the dark crystal. They realize that if they want to use this crystal they need a stronger source of energy that only the Gelflings can provide. This series uses some of the most complex-looking puppets I have seen to date. Puppets aren’t always exciting to see on screen due to their limited mobility, so we have other series like Breaking Bad that feature many great actors and absolutely no puppets. With such an imaginative world as this, it is no wonder this made our list for Best Shows on Netflix. And if you compare it with most shows on other top-rated streaming services, it will still rank high.

Why We Like It – The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Review

Jim Henson’s The Dark Crystal Age of Resistance is a dark fantasy series where creatures beyond our imagination reside. This series revolves around the story of the dark crystal, an ancient relic with the power of immortality. This crystal has been misused by the Skeksis, but when they decide to try other ways to unlock the powers of the crystal all hell breaks loose.

  • Detailed Puppets
  • Imaginative world
  • Feels serious most of the time

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Expect to see some crazy looking puppets in this series. If these puppets don’t excite you, the cartoon series Avatar: The Last Airbender will be a better choice. The Skeksis are the antagonists, and throughout the show, they try to use the power of the dark crystal to conquer death. The Gelflings are the protagonists and loyal subjects under the Skeksis rule. After witnessing a Gelfling being sacrificed for the crystal, the Gelflings begin to doubt the Skeksis’ authority.


Kevin Baker provided some of the camerawork for this series. This imaginative show will have you awe over things like rolly pollie bugs being used as wheels for a carriage. The Gelflings resemble elves while the Skeksis look like ancient giant crows. Apart from the creatures, their setting is filled with magical talking trees, and even more bizarre-looking animals. With only one season to catch up on, the best show to balance out this fantasy series is Big Mouth, a show with plenty of humor.


This series provides a great story on the uprising of the Gelflings. There is no doubt that before things get better they will get worse, so who knows how far the Skeksis will go to obtain immortality from the crystal. Aside from the plot, you can be sure to be taken back by the imaginative world where these creatures reside.

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The Dark Crystal Age Of Resistance Review Wrap Up

The battle between the Gelflings and the Skeksis is an epic battle you must watch. Right now there is only one season to see, so if you are interested in getting into this series, now is the perfect time since catching up won’t take too long. It will be interesting to see how low these Skeksis will go for their immortality and how the Gelflings will fight back.

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