The Core Packs A Full Size Stereo Into A Bluetooth Speaker

As music and how we access and listen to it evolves, the equipment we use to listen to it has to change as well. And, as any stereo nerd will tell you, you need a giant stereo to listen to music as it’s “meant” to be heard. But as tiresome as these nerds are, they’re right in terms of fidelity, and it’s something the Core’s designed to address.

A Stereo You Bring With You

The basic idea of the Core is that they want to cram a powerful, responsive stereo system into a speaker roughly the size and thickness of a phone book. The idea is that there’s no compromise, at all; you get high fidelity, thundering bass, true stereo sound, the works, all in a tiny little package. But can they pull it off?

Use Your Audio Illusion

The Core’s main principle is “acoustic holography,” which is pretty much what it sounds like: Creating an audio illusion, essentially. It has four drivers, two facing front and two on the side, and it uses those to create a soundspace you can move through and listen to music without worrying about sweet spots or building a perfect acoustic environment: That is, you don’t have to cover your walls with crap.

As for music, being one of the best Bluetooth speaker it can sync to any device which have same technology, and it can even sync with other Cores to create a network of music, not unlike Sonos systems.

Music Everywhere


It’s definitely an interesting pitch, but by the same token, we’ll want to see what drivers this has and hear it in person before we commit the $400 the Core team wants for their best portable speaker. There’s a lot that can go wrong in this design, and honestly, speakers are best when you personally hear them. Nonetheless, it’s intriguing, and something audio fans should be keeping an eye on.

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