The Chewbacca Can Cooler Lets The Wookie Drink

If you enjoy refreshing beverages, you probably enjoy them cold. And if you enjoy them cold, you probably try to avoid warming them up. Unfortunately, physics is working against you; any cold drink will inevitably, at some point, reach room temperature. But you can delay this terrible thing, with can sleeves, and if you’re going to put your drink in a sleeve, you might as well go all out with this Chewbacca sleeve.

Chewie Beer

The inside of this can sleeve is actually quite nice. It’s got an inner rubber sleeve that tightly holds the can (or small bottle, let’s be honest here), and blocks the heat from your hand from transferring into the can. As we all know, rubber is a poor conductor, so while it won’t keep the heat of your hand entirely away from your drink, it will keep it colder longer.

But come on. It’s the outside we’re looking at, here, and it’s glorious. The outside is upholstered in glorious Chewbacca fur, by which we mean polyester fake fur, which gives it a comfortable feeling to hold. And yes, it has a bandolier. Why wouldn’t it?


Star Wars Chewbacca Han Solo Reversible Hoodie

True, putting your beer in a sleeve that resembles a giant fictional walking carpet is not, perhaps, the most macho of beer koozies. But come on, we’re all adults here, and really, if you’re putting any sort of sleeve on your beer or other drink, no matter what it is, any consideration of coolness has gone completely out the window. So celebrate your Star Wars fandom as you drink, plus these are quite pretty awesome for a Star Wars gifts idea. Really, if you’re going to be rewatching all the Star Wars media before the new movies, you’re going to need a drink or three to get through the prequels and the terrible parts of the Christmas special.

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