The Cartridge Flask Hides Your Booze Inside Your 8-Bit Memories

This is the best flask for geeks. Humanity likes booze. It’s not a big secret, really; one of our first inventions as a species, and what some argue started this whole “agrarian society” thing, was beer. But, sadly, as humanity has evolved, some of us have decided that some places should not be the site of the consumption of fine inebriating beverages. Fortunately, we have engineered containers for inebriating beverages, such as this fine flask from ThinkGeek.

Grappa Troopa

On the outside, it resembles a fine Nintendo collectible, albeit one it seems odd to have in your pocket. And one that actually won’t hold up upon close examination; somebody got cute with the labels and have them down as Drunk Hunt or The Legend of Drink, right down to altering the box art in some notable ways. Although we guess using the real thing could get you sued, and it’s nothing a visit to your local copy shop can’t fix.

Anyway, it’s food-grade ABS polymer, complete with rubber stopper, and it holds four shots of your favorite booze. In other words, just enough to have some fun without falling over.

Flagon Age

labels game flasks

Admittedly, drinking out of an NES game is probably more a novelty than a credible way to sneak alcohol into an event. But, if you want to drink and be nostalgic at the same time, or just have to have everything Nintendo-themed, at least now you’ve got a place to keep your booze.

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