The Butterfly Knife Multi-Tool Lets You Solve Problems While Being Cool

Butterfly knives, or balisong, are legendary mostly because they look cool. Originally from the Philippines, there are entire genres of tricks you can do with the balisong. Unfortunately, in most states, they’re illegal thanks to laws about what knives people are allowed to carry. Unless you’ve got this multi-tool!

Fanning Out

Yes, unlike most butterfly knives, this is perfectly legal to own. In fact, it’s deliberately designed to be; you might notice that, unlike most multitools, there’s not a real “blade” located on this, although you do get a saw. And in addition to the saw, there’s a flathead screwdriver, two wrenches, a bottle opener, and a wire stripper. In other words, pretty much everything you need to have a pretty good weekend in Vegas.

Form And Function

True, it doesn’t quite have the functionality of other multitools, being similar to other flat-punched pieces of steel in that respect. But what this does have is flair. The nice thing about a butterfly knife form factor is that basically five minutes of practice makes you seem incredibly cool, even with this tiny little guy. It’s mostly just in flipping your wrist; even the most uncoordinated person can make a butterfly knife look pretty cool, although more advanced tricks will take a lot of practice and skill to pull off.

Still, you can easily whip this out and flip it open at a moment’s notice. Never before has producing a screwdriver looked so cool.

Cool Tools


It’s true that you probably can’t take this on an airplane, since the TSA has no sense of humor about offbeat form factors in multitools. But you can, at least, have a little style in the office, and have some fun with coworkers who mistake you for dangerous until you open a beer for them in style. If that’s you, it’s available at ThinkGeek for $13.

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