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The Bottlelight LED Cork Lights Up A Party


It’s the classic image: A candle, perched in an empty wine bottle, wax dripping down the sides. It’s practically a given that the cheesier Italian restaurants in your area will have some version of this. But they might want to modernize with the BottleLight LED cork.

Bottle of Red, Bottle of White

As you may have guessed from the name, the BottleLight is a bit different from your usual “candle in the neck.” It actually inverts the idea: The LED is on the bottom, and the cork is on the top. It’s tapered, much like a wine-saver, so you can fit it into pretty much any bottle and still get the effect you want.

Reflect, Refract

The key idea is that the light inside the bottle both glows strongly and uses the natural properties of the glass to create lighting effects. As the light bounces around inside the bottle, you get a fascinating effect, not unlike when you shine a ray of sunshine through a glass bottle. And, best of all, it’s designed so you can time parties; the LED charges off of any USB port, and a charge generally lasts about two hours. So, you can get an effect and also subtly communicate to malingerers that maybe it’s time for them to go, so you can go to bed.

LEDs Lead the Way


OK, so this is more a novelty than anything else, especially with the two-hour time limit. But it’s still a fun way to recycle your bottles and decorate in a slightly different way for your parties. And if nothing else, the overall effect is a fun, geeky way to show off just how great light can be when properly used. If you’re looking to add this to your repertoire of party ideas, they cost $15 per light.

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