The Body Dryer Dries You Out In Thirty Seconds

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Updated June 27, 2022

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The humble towel has been with us for centuries, and mostly towel technology has focused on making them softer and easier to use. But some people, of course, want to do away with the towel altogether, which is essentially the thrust of the Body Dryer.

Air Blaster

Essentially, the Body Dryer is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of slapping a towel all over your torso, you just step onto it and it activates. It creates ionized air and forces it up at various angles to push the water off your body and generally dry you out quickly. The claim is that it takes about thirty seconds to become completely dry.

But What’s Wrong With My Towel?

Unsurprisingly, the pitch is more or less to germophobes and overly clean people. The claim is that towels are crawling with bacteria, which is absolutely true since everything is crawling with bacteria anyway, and that you shouldn’t put that bacteria back on your skin right after you’ve cleaned yourself. Which we suppose is true, as far as it goes, but it’s unlikely that you’re going to get the Black Death from your old skin flakes. That said, if what we wrote grosses you out completely, well, that’s the market for the Body Dryer.

Air Power

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That said, we’ve got to raise a few eyebrows at the claims made. We’re sure the Body Dryer works, but it’s not “environmentally sound.” Plugging something into the wall and using energy is less environmentally friendly than not, no matter what you think of towels, and pushing a massive column of air up is going to take just a wee bit of electricity. But if you’re a germophobe, or have a skin condition, or just want to have a massive blow dryer in your floor, then the Body Dryer is pretty much perfect.

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