The Bionic Ear Headphone, For The Amateur Spy


All right, spies in the audience, time for you to get your loadout!  No, we don’t have any exploding pens or nerve gas shoe bladders, and don’t even ask where your laser gun is.  We’ve had some budget cuts, okay?

But what we DO have is a little something from Walyou, the Bionic Ear Headphone.  It amplifies sound so that you can hear tiny sounds from about sixty to a hundred feet out, and louder noises from roughly three hundred feet.

It comes with a stereo headset, a built in monocular (that’s like a small telescope, for one eye) with eight times magnification, a digital sound recorder in case you pick up something you’re going to need later, and even a frequency knob for fine tuning and catching those little sounds you might have missed.

And even the poorest of espionage agencies can afford these in their budgets–they only cost $38.63 apiece, after all.  So grab your headsets and get to snooping!


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  1. I am looking to record from an outside window listening to what is going on inside. Looking for something like a stethoscope. Attach to window and to a mini recorder. Any help??? Cannot get into the house to do from inside.

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