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The Auto Moto Zooms To The US, 3 Wheels With A 2 Wheel Motorcyle Like Experience


In less than 24 hours I’m off to shoot a video review of The Auto Moto.  It’s a 3 wheeled scooter that uses a 4 stroke carbon copied GY6 Honda engine.  What makes the Auto Moto truly unique is its 3 wheel build: 2 in the back and 1 in the front.  Thanks to the ‘rocker’ system, the 2 rear wheels stay firmly planted on the ground while the vehicle’s entire cab can independently tilt left and right providing a motorcycle like experience.  Top speed on the 150cc Automoto is about 6o mph, but unlike most scooters you’ve got an entire cab (sans door) over your head in addition to a full windscreen with a single wiper blade.  Other notable features of the Auto Moto include a storage chest that can hold at least a few bags of groceries, room for two, full stereo system, auto CVT transmission, front disc break, rear drum break (via pedal), conversion kits (TBD) and a variety of color options. Of course, if you want something for a new rider you might want a 50cc scooter.

The Auto Moto should be hitting dealers in the next 45 days and will carry a price tag of about $3800.  Course, that’s nothing when you consider the gas savings you’ll get with 83 miles per gallon.


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