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The Archery Survival Slingshot Will Help You Hunt Game

survival slingshot

The humble slingshot is one of the first projectile weapons invented by man, and it’s still one of the more space-efficient ways to fire something at something else, really fast. But that doesn’t mean there haven’t been a few technological improvements, as the Archery Survival Slingshot shows.

Straight And True

As you may have guessed, this slingshot is designed to fire arrows. That may seem a little tricky, considering the design of a bow, but, well, see for yourself:

It all boils down to the whisker biscuit. While that may sound like a band opening a local venue, a whisker biscuit is actually a device with thousands of bristles that gently hold an arrow in place without slowing it down when you release. In other words, it makes archery possible with a slingshot.

Arrow By Arrow

The main drawback, as archery fans will be very quick to point out, is the fact that this isn’t going to get you nearly the same amount of power as a good bow. Bows have a much higher draw strength and can loose an arrow a much further distance, making them the arrow-firing item of choice if you’re concerned about hunting. This is mostly for bow-fishing and close quarters game, or as a back-up for those times where you can’t really use shot to take down the game you’re hunting. And if you’re out at night, there’s a flashlight attachment so you can see what you’re doing.

Hit The Target

archery slingshot

And, of course, it’d be churlish not to admit that this is largely built to be fun. One suspects much of the arrows let loose with this slingshot will be hitting foam targets, not game. But hey, that’s why we have slingshots. If you want to add arrows to your slingshot repertoire, it’ll cost you $140.

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