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Apple Watch

The Apple Watch Already Has A Custom Wood Charging Stand

The Apple Watch has barely been announced, and it hasn’t even come out yet, but that’s not stopping accessories designers from trying to get in on the action on the ground floor. Either that, or Dodocase is even more excited for the Apple Watch than most people, because they already have a charging station up.

Watch Wood

Well, they have it in the works, anyway. A quick discussion of the Apple Watch, for those unfamiliar; it uses wireless charging to keep going, and you’ll probably need to recharge it nightly. Which is, of course, just fine for most of us, since we don’t usually wear our watches at night. It will ship with a charger, of course, but some people just need one a little more classy.

Wood Watch

And classy it is! First of all, it’s a nice polished walnut, one of the best woods for day-to-day stuff in your life. Secondly, it’s carved to have some curves and style to it to complement the watch, and make it something you’d actually want to look at. That disguises the suction cup in the base to keep it stable on your nightstand, and there’s a recessed nook in the side to let you slide in your charger cable without getting it everywhere. It’s also angled to show off your fancy new toy.

Apple Wood


Let’s face it, at this point, you’re not buying Apple products to be on the cutting edge of technology; you’re buying them because you like how they look and work. If it’s all about the aesthetics with you, and you want to keep it that way, this will definitely be an appealing stand for your watch. But you’ll be gambling, slightly, with the price; currently you’ll have to put down a $5 deposit, and it could be anywhere from $60 to $80 when it arrives, around the same time as the Apple Watch.

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