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The Alien Mind Control Mask Shows Everyone What’s Really In Your Head

We’ve all met that one guy. You know the guy. He’s a little off, a bit strange. He seems to take a moment to process something before he responds. His movements are a bit stiff and awkward. You find yourself wondering “Is that guy for real or is there an alien controlling every movement inside his head?” And now, you can be that guy!

How Do I Park This Thing!

The Alien “Mind Control” mask has a bit of a misleading name. You’re not dressing like an alien is controlling your brain, you’re putting on a mask that makes you look like a person the alien is steering. Essentially, you pull it on and it looks like the alien is sitting on a throne installed in your neck, steering you around, complete with bolts and blood effects. About the only thing it’s missing are some animatronics that make it look like its limbs are moving, or maybe some voice files about dominating the minds of filthy hoomans.

Alien Nation


That said, we can see a drawback or two to this mask. For one thing, it’s not available for this Halloween; it won’t ship until next July. For another, it’s $150, so you’d better have an amazing costume to go with it, or at least a cheap suit you’re willing to ruin. Finally, there’s no easy way to take a drink, so you’d better dedicated to your outfit, or just willing to install a Camelbak full of wine under the suit. You can find this mask over at the Horrordome

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