The AirBolt Lock Makes Your Phone The Key To Your Luggage

Even with the best carry on luggage, travel is tough. Traveling is full of anxiety. Especially when it comes to your baggage; it gets lost, it gets knocked around, and you don’t want to lock anything valuable in it. It’d be nice to have a lock you know works and you can open it up with your phone. Which is where the AirBolt comes in. Use it to unlock your Sondre TSA Lock Scooter Luggage. Also learn more about Using a Scooter at the Airport.

Catching AirBolt

The AirBolt itself is actually a pretty slick little luggage lock even before you get to the digital features. It uses a steel cable that you thread through the zipper tabs, and you lock it down through a sturdy casing. So even before you get to the fun part, it’s a great lock for your luggage.

Oh, right, the fun part. The lock isn’t keyed to a combination or a tiny key, but to an app and your smartphone. That’s right, all you need to do is put your phone over the lock, tap the screen, and you’re taking out your clothes. If your lock is messed with, there’s an alarm that goes off. In fact, you can configure it to go off whenever you get too far from your luggage before you check it. It’ll even ping you when on the carousel to let you know where your luggage is. You can even revoke the TSA’s access to your luggage. And there is, of course, a default button combo you can enter if your phone’s dead.


AirBolt In Use

Getting on a plane is often nerve-wracking even with just a carry-on. The AirBolt will let you take a lot of the annoyance of trucking around your stuff without having to change much about how you travel. And at just about $50, depending on the strength of the Australian dollar, it’s worth it just to be able to find your luggage on that freakin’ carousel.

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