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Updated June 27, 2022
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Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother Dee dee recently moved into a new neighborhood. According to her mother, Gypsy has been disabled most of her life, but Gypsys’s new appetite for adventures and friendships make her life much more difficult as she begins to discover that her reality may not be what it seems. This is on our Best Shows on Hulu with other great realistic dramas like Atlanta. And in case you are searching for a reliable streaming company, have a look at the best streaming services today!

Why We Like It – The Act Review

We enjoyed this series because of the numerous ways Gypsy rose was forced to act disabled by her mother. It is shocking to see the many ways Gypsy’s mother weasels her daughter through medical fraud. To see Gypsy become a person of her own is where her life truly begins, and the show gets a little more frightening as well. This is an interesting series because the events actually happened in real life.

  • Great character development
  • Real world events
  • Most likely only getting one season

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Joey King plays Gypsy Blanchard as the timid and shy daughter. Gypsy’s overprotective but deceiving mother, Dee dee Blanchard, is played by Patricia Arquette. Brownie Harris filmed and photographed for this Hulu series. Throughout this show, the duo rolls through life by avoiding neighbors, and staying at home as much as possible to keep Gypsy away from danger. You will feel Dee dee’s presence loom over Gypsy’s life at all times, which makes Gypsy start off looking like a fragile being. This real true crime story is placed right under The Handmaid’s Tale, another epic story based in a totalitarian society.


The series initially takes place in the Blanchard home, where the mother and daughter duo reside on their own. The series also features the neighbors’ homes every now and then. Dee dee is depicted as often messy and worrisome. Gypsy is usually dressed in very bright childish clothes while she seems to be a lot older than she dresses. Gypsy’s withdrawal from society also makes her act very innocent and excited to experience life as it comes. Since there is only a season to catch up, a longer and funnier series to binge after is Bob’s Burgers.

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This is a good series to get into because of the fact that it took place in real life. There are still facebook posts that are accessible where the real life Gypsy Rose was communicating with the world about her mother. This is a tragic story made possible by real people taking advantage of a disability system for their own benefit, and in that act they go through life changes that make them live as secluded as possible to prolong the scam.

The Act Review Wrap Up

This mother daughter true crime series revolves around the life of the Blanchard family. As Dee Dee’s daughter Gypsy questions more and more about her current disability, she begins to discover something wrong with the way her mother makes her live her life. While the series is only a season long, the discoveries that Gypsy finds reveals more than enough reasons to pursue a different life away from her abusive mother.

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