The 2015 Ford Mustang Wants To Be Your Everyday Car


When you say the words “Ford Mustang”, the term “grocery shopping” doesn’t immediately pop into your mind, and for excellent reason; the Mustang can do many wonderful things, but it doesn’t even have an independent rear suspension, for crying out loud. Or “had”, rather; the 2015 Mustang is making some big changes, well outside its design.

Held In Suspense

The first is that the Mustang line going to finally join us here in the twenty-first century and have a modern suspension. Finally. It only took years of complaining by consumers and a complete shift in how cars are made and sold for Ford to realize there was demand for this. Right about now, muscle car fans are complaining it’s more like a sedan, so they’re probably not going to be fans of the biggest option Ford’s added.

Less Cylinders, More Power

Namely, that you can get a Mustang with a four-cylinder engine. Oh, stop whining, there will be a V6 and a 5-liter V8 option as well, Ford’s not insane. But the four-cylinder EcoBoost is worth looking at, because it can summon 305 horsepower.

How? Well, essentially, Ford’s EcoBoost line features a highly efficient turbocharger. As we all know, engines are basically powered by controlled explosions created by an air/fuel mix. The EcoBoost crams in a lot more air, so you get more boom for the fuel used. That both increases fuel efficiency and makes the car a lot faster than a V4 would indicate.

Bad MyTouch


Finally, the Mustang, being a Ford flagship, has all the usual Ford MyTouch options, much to the consternation of fans and car critics, although it seems to be tilted more heavily towards physical controls, making life a lot easier for drivers. So, pay attention; in 2015, the Mustang might finally be more than just a weekend car.

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