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The 10-Year Hoodie is Backed for a Decade

Don’t fret whenever your favorite hoodie has seen it’s last days thanks to the 10-Year Hoodie that’s created by Jake Bronstein and currently a Kickstarter campaign.  The premium sweatshirt is designed for a lifetime and is guaranteed for 10 years and is backed with free mending, so your favorite hoodie won’t be going in the trash anytime soon. Its a unisex hoodie that’s made with only the finest of materials that gets softer with wear and made in America.

The thought behind the sweatshirt is that not everything should be disposable, so it’s made to withstand quite a lot and outlive other items in your closet. The idea came about when the team overheard a conversation in a factory they were visiting, with someone talking about using course thread with delicate fabric that actually accelerates the process of wearing holes into garments as it constantly goes in the dryer.

And to make sure it becomes your favorite hoodie, it’s available in various colors, including Explorer Red, Navy Blue, Army Green, Black and Charcoal Grey, as well in sizes small to XXXL. Right now, for a limited time, you can get a 10-Year Hoodie if you pledge $89 or more and two hoodies if you pledge $169 or more.

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