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There are many times when you’re cooking when you need more hands than you have. That’s why the Thappymart Auto Stirrer is included as a Best Automatic Pot Stirrer due to its ease of use and hands free mixing.

Why We Like It – Thappymart Automatic Hands Free Robo Food Sauce Auto Stirre

Thappymart’s Stir Crazy Auto Stirrer is a great hands free option for mixing your favorite sauces. All it takes is a press of a button and you’re mixing away.

  • Hands free
  • One push button design
  • Long battery life
  • May be too basic for heavy stirring
  • May not last you for years


Sometimes simple is best. The Thappymart Auto Stirrer performs as advertised. With a touch of a button, you’re mixing a sauce, dressing, soup — whatever you want. You can select a different speed with the same button. Three different speeds gives you as much control as you’ll need for this type of auto stirrer. The hands free capability works fairly well, depending on the pot or bowl you’re mixing in and the sauce you’re mixing. It will also mix for up to four hours without replacing batteries.


It’s straightforward to use and easy to clean. What more do you need? Oh, it’s also cordless, which is fantastic. The handle is comfortable, though you won’t need to interact with that part much because of the hands free design. The stirring legs are non abrasive so you can use them with confidence on non stick pans. All-in-all, the design is comparable to other popular stirrers like the UUTENSIL Saucepan Stirrer Battery powered model.


This Thappymart has a price that makes value seekers happy. The lower cost to entry is great for an auto mixing tool. It may not last for years like more expensive and involved stirrers, like the StirMATE Smart Automatic Pot Stirrer or SAKI Automatic Pot Stirrer, but at this price you don’t really need it to.

Thappymart Automatic Hands Free Robo Food Sauce Auto Stirre Wrap Up

Go ‘stir crazy’ with this auto stirrer. It’s amazing how not having to mix things by hand can improve your cooking experience. You can find out easily with the Thappymart Auto Stirrer because of its accessible cost of entry. Mixing will never be the same again.

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