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Thanko Has The iPad Stand For The Busiest Commuter

If you’ve got an iPad, and you ride public transit, you know it’s hard to mix the two, especially when you’ve chosen to stand both to burn a few calories and surrender a seat to the nice pregnant lady, unlike the jerk you were sitting next to. Fortunately, the endlessly inventive Japanese have an iPad stand that’s discreet and effective. Well, provided you don’t mind looking like a dork.

Chin Up, Chindogu

As the hardcore gadget nerd knows, Japan has a long tradition of chindogu, or, roughly translated, “weird tools”. It’s more colloquially translated as “unuseless.” Essentially they’re ideas that solve a problem in a way that somehow makes it worse, such as being unwieldy or profoundly embarrassing to use where anybody can see you, or introduce new problems. Think of it as the infomercial products of the land of Nippon, except so elaborate they have to be jokes.

So it is with this iPad stand. The simple fact of the matter is that this thing is both well-designed and yet at the same time as dorky as clipping a beeper to your belt. It uses the strap and a belt around the waist to position the iPad so you can use it with one hand while clinging to a pole with the other. It’s both a clever idea and complete sex repellent, although it can also be used just as a simple tablet case. It’s even got an accessories pouch!


Screenshot 2014-12-07 at 8.35

In better news, the stand appears detachable, so you can just treat this as a fairly standard messenger bag if you want, just one with a stand built in. You will have to import it, of course, but let’s face it; if you looked at this thing and thought “I must have it,” nothing will stand in your way. And we admire you. Sort of. Don’t stand next to us on the bus, though.

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