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Tesla Tripling Its Supercharger Stations

Tesla Tripling Its Supercharger Stations

Tesla has announced that it plans to triple the number of supercharger stations it currently has to expand all the way from Los Angeles to New York. Drivers will now have convenient locations across the nation to charges their Tesla rides. According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, the expansion will allow owners to charge their Teslas in about an hour and will be in most metropolitan areas in the United States and southern Canada. Even though owners can charge their cars overnight at home, these extra stations will provide ease of mind for those who worry about running out of power while out on the road.

Currently, there are stations in California, parts of Nevada and n the corridor from Washington D.C. to Boston, but within the next two years, they’ll be placed around the US. They also wanted to add more stations in areas of various cities that are heavily traveled like in route between New York to DC. Musk plans to have at least one charger every 80 to 100 miles on these heavily traveled routes. Currently there is no fee to use the supercharger systems for Tesla owners.

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