Tesla Adding Auto-Steering “Driverless” Tech to Model S

Telsa’s Model S car is going to get a big upgrade this summer – autopilot software that will give the electrical car some strong driverless characteristics.

Since this is some of the first driverless tech we’ve really seen out in the wild, available to consumers, it’s getting a lot of overblown headlines about how the Model S will carry you around highways or make steering unnecessary. Not quiet: Here are the basics, based on what founder. Elon Musk reported.

First, upgrade will add automation technology to the Model S that is designed to read the road in front of you and provide auto-steering assistance based on the curves and turns it detects. The system can be turned on and off, like cruise control – and also like cruise control, it is intended primarily for use on long, straight highways. The system won’t even be able to work unless you are on certain highways, so no street corners allowed.

Musk was quick to note that the feature is made to be used while the driver is still paying attention. It is mostly designed to help prevent wrecks on the highway during moments of distraction,. While Tesla has tested the function on highways “from San Francisco to Seattle” there is no guarantee of using the auto-steering feature in a straight line from one city to the next. You certainly won’t be able to sit back and nap the day away from your car drives you up the West Coast – even if Musk has hinted that it may be possible.


Tesla has already reported that the auto-steering system meets all the necessary regulations for vehicle tech – which is important, because liability issues for driverless car crashes are still very murky, and Tesla does not need to get slapped with lawsuits after such a strong 2014.

The auto-steering update will hit in around three or four months, along with the Range Assurance app, which is somewhat controversial tracking feature that can always tell how close your Tesla is from a charging station. Tesla also appears to be planning on adding other automation technologies, like the ability to summon your car from a distance. However, this is still illegal on the road and should only be used on private property – assuming you have to walk a long way to your garage every morning.

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