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The Puluomis Frosted Glass Vessel Sink installs easily thanks to all the included components. It even saves you money because one of those components is a chrome faucet. Now you won’t have to go out and buy your own. If you’re curious, check out our list of best bathroom sinks to learn more!

Why We Like It – Tempered Vessel Bathroom Vanity Frosted

The Puluomis Tempered Vessel Bathroom Vanity Frosted cleans easily thanks to both tempered glass and a glossy surface. Its minimalist design allows it to both shine through the clutter and not be too overpowering. And the variety of finishes adds versatility so it can go, and add, to your bathroom decor.

  • Comes with chrome faucet, chrome pop-up drain, and a mounting ring
  • Made with thick tempered glass
  • Affordable
  • Edges not chip or scratch proof


The Puluomis Vessel Bathroom Sink’s glossy surface cleans easily so you never have to worry about it looking unsightly if you have guests over. It comes packaged with a chrome faucet, chrome pop-up drain, and a mounting ring for easy set-up and installation. If chrome faucets aren’t your thing and you want to choose your own faucet for your sink, check out the KINGO HOME Counter Porcelain Bathroom. Finally, the water consumption on the Puluomis Vessel Sink rates at 0.5 gallons per minute to help you conserve water.


The Puluomis Tempered Glass Vessel Bathroom Sink employs a stunning minimalist design to let it’s natural beauty shine through without overpowering the rest of the items in your bathroom. Made from thick tempered glass to prevent breakage, and it measures 16.5” wide x 5.5” deep with a bowl thickness of 0.5″ making it perfect for a smaller bathroom. If you’re looking for something bigger, consider the VCCUCINE Rectangle Counter Porcelain Bathroom. Unfortunately, the edges on the Puluomis have been known to scratch or chip, so be aware.


Puluomis Bathroom Sinks come in a variety of finishes including Square-1, Frosted, Grey Crystal, and Round, just to name a few. With so many available it’s easy to see how they can fit into any bathroom and compliment the decor. All the sinks are inexpensive too with the standard Frosted finish available for a mere $52.00 dollars on Amazon. This also qualifies you for free shipping, so added bonus. You can also check out the MR Direct U1611 W Undermount Porcelain if you’re a bargain hunter looking for a deal.

Tempered Vessel Bathroom Vanity Frosted Wrap Up

While the inside of the bowl is scratch resistant, the edges have been known to chip or scratch. But a dutiful and careful person shouldn’t have any issues with this. Perfect for a condo or any other smaller bathroom, the Puluomis Tempered Vessel Sink will surely add to the beauty of your bathroom!

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