TeKnMotion Intruder Headset Review

With more and more people using their iPADs or other tablets for gaming purposes (I’m guilty of this as well), we’re starting to realize just how inadequate the standard speakers on said devices are.  Like playing your XBOX 360 or PlayStation 3 on an old SD television with one speaker, gamers know there has to be something better out there.  Oh for sure, you can lug around that big expensive gaming headset you got for your main PC or console, but it’s probably a lot bulkier than you’d want to deal with on a daily basis.  That’s where the TeKnMotion Intruder headset comes in to play.

The first good thing about the TeKnMotion Intruder headset, is that it folds down into a very small package.  The entire headset is fully collapsable, and it’s tiny draw string pouch won’t have a problem finding a home in your backpack, purse, or anything else similar – since it’s an on ear headset, you’re still not going to be fitting it in your pocket (unless you’re wearing a pair of Jncos).  The Intruder is also extremely comfortable, which for something so small is saying a lot.  I’ve worn much bigger headsets that made my ears hurt a lot more than these did – however those were a lot bigger and produced bigger sound.

Not to say that the sound is bad in these though – it’s actually pretty good.  The two 40mm drivers deliver crisp and clean sound, and worked equally well when playing games, listening to music or a podcast, or watching a movie.  They’re only standard stereo though, so no 5.1 surround virtual or otherwise here.  The bass is also a little lacking in these headsets, but what it lacks in “oomph”, it makes up for in clarity and finesse.  Highs come in crisp, mids are very clear, and the lows never seem to get distorted.  I tried playing Infinity Blade and N.O.V.A. 2 with them on, and the games sounded better than I had ever heard them before.

The Intruder has a nice and short unified cable that gets the job done for tablet and smartphone gaming – the cord is literally the perfect length as there’s no extra to get tangled, or get in the way while playing (something that could be a death sentence to any accessory).  Should you need it though, the TeKnMotion Intruder also comes with an eight foot extension cable, with two 3.5mm connectors (for your mic and stereo) and an in-line controller for volume and muting.  This cord triples the length of the normal cord, and while it’s nice to have around I never found a real use for it.  I’m sure I’ll be happy I have it someday but for the purpose of the review right now, I didn’t use it except to verify that it worked (which it does).

One thing that struck me as pretty cool is that the TeKnMotion Intruder comes with not one detachable microphone, but two.  One is a very tiny little thing (it’s around an inch long) that’s meant for mobile applications – I tested it through a few phone calls, and it worked well, with me having to repeat myself about as much as I normally do (thanks for the network AT&T).  The other mic is a flexible boom mic that’s about three times the length, and can really be made to pick up on your voice easily.  I’m sure most people will stick with the smaller mic however, as it can be left plugged in while the headset is in the travel case without adding any extra bulk.  That and the fact that both get the job done with pretty much the same quality (unless you want to fiddle and adjust the flexible mic to the perfect position) makes me wonder why both were even included in the first place.

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The Bottom Line:  The TeKnMotion Intruder is a good piece of hardware for people that have limited space to carry a headset, but still want better sound than they’re currently getting from their mobile devices – as long as they don’t mind the sound not being as good as other higher end headphones.


  • Extremely lightweight headphones means no extra bulk when traveling
  • There’s enough padding to make them really comfortable when using on the go
  • The sound is pretty much always crisp and clear, with almost no discernible distortion


  • My ears started to heat up for some reason after about 45 minutes (could just be from the padding not letting them breathe)
  • No real reason for the two mics to be included – pick one and go with it
  • The bass lacks power, which is highly noticeable on any game or movie with explosions

You can pick up your own TeKnMotion Intruder headset from Amazon for the price of $59.99 which isn’t bad considering how expensive the competition is (and considering that what I would consider their biggest threat of NOX Audio is now out of business).

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