Teague Denny Oregon Manifest E-Bike May Change How You Bike Forever

For bikers who dispose shifting gears, pedaling up steep hills or having to carry around locks with them will appreciate what the Teague team of bicycle designers have come up with. With that in mind, it could easily qualify as one of the best electric bikes, save for lack of practicality. Inspired by Seattle, WA’s hills, traffic and rainy weather, they’ve created the Denny Oregon Manifest E-Bike that can revolutionize the biking industry. To eliminate the need to shift gears, the bike’s minimalist frame is packed with loads of tech inside of it, including a computer controlled automatic shifter that will adjust to ride conditions so that your ride is hassle-free. To get you uphill in no time without having to leda, there’s an electric motor sitting on the front hub with a removable battery to be charged elsewhere.

To handle the city’s rain, the bike sports a device that has rubber bristles to break up the water instead of a fender to do the job. Other highlights on the bike of the future include daytime running lights, brake lights and turn signals for enhanced safety and handlebars that function as both a quick locking system or detach fully to secure the back wheel and frame. Sadly, the bike is only a concept part of the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project, but if it wins the contest, it can into production. We’re crossing our fingers!


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