What is the TCL TV Warranty?

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Updated February 17, 2023

When perusing appliance insurance plans, you may want to learn about TCL’s TV warranty options. When you purchase a new television from TCL, you also receive a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months out of the box that covers manufacturing defects. The manufacturer’s warranty only covers factory errors, similar to a Vizio warranty, but does not cover accidental damage and theft.


  • TCL Roku offers a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty when you purchase a new TCL Roku TV, no matter the retailer.
  • This is a manufacturer’s warranty, however, so it only covers issues related to manufacturing errors, and you will need proof of purchase to handle any warranty issue.
  • To cover accidental damage and theft, sign up for TCL’s Protect plan or use a third-party insurer for warranty repair.

Do TCL Televisions Come With a Warranty?

Yes, when you purchase a new TCL television, you get a manufacturer’s limited warranty that lasts for one year, just like a standard Roomba warranty. This warranty is issued by TCL and covers any problems that arise that can be sourced back to manufacturing errors. In other words, this warranty does not cover accidental damage, theft, or anything else that falls outside the purview of manufacturing error.

Insider Tip

There may be a limited timeframe to sign up for additional coverage, so check with TCL as soon as you unbox the TV.

Tips to Extend Coverage

Despite the limited coverage available directly from TCL, you have multiple options to significantly increase the coverage to extend well beyond the year offered upon your initial purchase of the TV.

TCL Protect

Like most major manufacturers, TCL offers its own proprietary protection service, appropriately named TCL Protect. This is something you buy into within 90 days after purchasing the TV, and it massively extends the life of the original manufacturer’s warranty to three years (or even longer in some cases.) Also, the plans cover accidental damage, weather damage, theft, and more. You typically buy into this plan with a monthly fee or an annual charge. For the price, you get free repairs for a wide variety of issues and free replacements, though some issues will accrue a fee for repair or replacement.

Third-Party Insurers

If you don’t want to go with TCL, there are plenty of providers out there ready, willing, and able to cover your new television. Companies like Asurion, Akko, and Best Buy all offer TV-centric insurance and extended warranty plans. Additionally, legacy insurers like Progressive, Geico, and Liberty also offer plans specifically designed for TVs. Prices and coverage types vary greatly here, so read the fine print.

STAT: TCL’s warranty is confined to the first purchaser of the product only and is not applicable to cases other than defects in material, design, and workmanship. (source)

Homeowners and Renter’s Insurance

Televisions are considered home appliances, and as such, some homeowners’ and renters’ insurance plans will offer coverage. For instance, renter’s plans will cover theft, and homeowners’ plans will cover issues related to a natural disasters. Of course, coverage types vary here, so read the contract.

TCL Warranty FAQs

How do the terms of coverage work?

This depends on your plan, as labor warranty details differ from insurance details. Read the fine print before making a decision.

Do TCL protection plans charge deductibles?

In the vast majority of cases, TCL extended home warranty plans do not charge a deductible, even in the case of a full replacement.

What does a manufacturer warranty cover?

These warranties help you enjoy endless entertainment from thousands of streaming channels by providing 12 months of coverage for various kinds of warranty claims caused by manufacturing errors.
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