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If you’re looking for the best tv monitors for gaming that won’t break the bank, look no further than the TCL 50S535! This 50” smart TV runs on the Roku OS, has an UHD QLED display (like the Samsung Q80R TV), and offers dynamic visual performance thanks to Dolby Vision HDR technology. Costing just under $400, this model offers great performance for the price!

Why We Like It – TCL 50S535

The TCL 50S535 5-Series TVs are the perfect Roku TVs for someone on a budget who loves to game. Complete with Dolby Vision HDR, 4 HDMI inputs, and an Auto Game Mode, this is a great affordable TV for the modern gamer.

  • Auto Game Mode
  • Smart Roku TV
  • 4K Picture Quality
  • No Local Dimming Zones


This TV is marketed with “Natural Motion 240”, a somewhat misleading name that ultimately results in a refresh rate of 60Hz. While this isn’t as high as other TVs, it should be adequate for most games because this TV has an Auto Game Mode, which adjusts the display for maximum performance. It also has an extremely low input lag of 10.8ms in 4K @ 60Hz. This is excellent, so you can expect a superior experience when playing games on this TV.

Viewing Angle

The poor viewing angles of this TV are a result of the type of panel used in the display. While VA panels generally offer better contrast ratios, they are well-known for poor viewing angles, and this stays true on the TCL 50S535. You can expect a color washout at 23°, a loss of brightness around 32°, and the black levels to raise at only 12°. Basically, although this TV will offer an excellent viewing experience when you are right in front of it, you will notice a quick drop-off in performance when viewed from an angle.


You won’t have to worry about this TV tumbling over, thanks to the two-leg stand of the 50S535. While they don’t look premium, they do a good job at minimizing the wobble and supporting the TV in place. The back of the TV is made of metal, which should hold up well against minor bumps, although the area that houses the various device inputs is made of plastic. This TV has extremely thin bezels, which are only 0.35″ thick so they don’t distract from your viewing experience.

Ports & Expandability

With a wide variety of inputs and outputs, you won’t have any trouble connecting this TV to your favorite devices. The TCL 50S535 has 4 HDMI ports, one USB port, a cable connection, an ethernet port, and a composite-in plug (which will require an adapter that you will have to purchase separately). For audio, this TV has both digital audio out and the standard 3.5mm headphone jack. Despite lacking any Bluetooth capabilities, it will still be pretty easy to connect this TV to your favorite soundbar or speakers.


Costing only $399.99, this 50″ Roku TV is definitely fairly priced (especially when compared to the Sony X950H, a 49” smart TV that costs $998!). The TV is delivered through Amazon and comes with both free delivery & free returns. Although there isn’t a warranty specified on the page, there are two protection plans available ($35.99 for 3-years & $45.99 for 4-years). This model receives generally good reviews, scoring 4.5 out of 5-stars based on 833 Amazon ratings, so it’s safe to say that this TV is a good investment.

TCL 50S535 Wrap Up

The TCL 50S535 packs a punch for the price. Although it lacks local dimming zones, the inclusion of Dolby Vision on a Quantum Dot display with Auto Game mode makes this a great purchase for any gamer who spent most of their money on their console, & only has about $400 left over. Of course, if a 50” display isn’t big enough for you, you can check out the Sony X900H 85 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV!

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