Tata Megapixel Concept Range Extended Electric Vehicle (REEV) Full of Innovative Features

India’s largest automobile company, Tata Motors, unveiled their Megapixel concept at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show. The new four-seater range extended electric vehicle (REEV) builds on last year’s Pixel concept and is powered by our in-wheel 10 kW motors and a 325 cc single cylinder petrol range-extending engine that churns 22 kW while charging the lithium ion phosphate battery for a whopping range of 559 miles 54 miles and an electric-only range of 54 miles.

But that’s not all, it also features acutely turning wheels which give it a turning radius 9.2 ft. and an inductive pad for a home charging system that when parked over the pad, charges itself without the need to be plugged in. The global car concept also sports automatic double doors and a “Zero Turn” drive system taken from last year’s Pixel concept that allows it to park in spaces that you’d think were even too small for the compact Tata Megapixel. And don’t think just because it’s tiny that you won’t fit into such a small car, but the Megapixel features a bigger than expected interior because of the battery layout and hub motors that maximize the space.

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