Stepping on the bathroom scale ain’t exactly a walk in the park.  The experience is usually more closely tied to that of a roller coaster ride, which is to say it’s usually full of fear and hesitation.  So how about a scale that offers a bit more pizazz and game theory to the experience? This scale will have you excited to jump off even your best power lift recliner. An alternative to the best digital pocket scale.

The Medisana TargetScale is really like no other that we’ve seen before, not even Withings version.  First off, it works with your smartphone via Bluetooth.  Fire up the Vitadock app and you can keep track of your weight over time, as well as track your BMI (body mass index), water weight and even your muscle and bone mass, though keep in mind anything beyond weight is a bit hit or miss with these types of scales.  You can use this to track your workout from your longest run, or from your best wheelchair ramp.  This scale will even measure your weight distribution between your two feet and works with up to 4 users, so you could potentially cover the whole family. If you like this scale, you might also be interested in our review of the First Sign hairclip.

That’s well and all, but hardly solves the motivation to set foot on the scale.  To further motivate you, the Medisana TargetScale is infused with a set of glowing rings.  The closers the rings are to the center the closer you are to attain your desired target weight, while the opposite clearly indicates you’re moving in the wrong direction.

You can pick it up from Firebox for $206.

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