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The TaoTronics Tower Fan is a great option for anyone who might enjoy having some fresh air circulated in their living room or office, and for a product that goes for less than $100, it’s a good bargain against the value that it’s got on offer. Choosing a good fan involves having a rough idea of the floor area of the room that you’re going to be using it in, as well as how energy efficient the fan is likely to be. The TaoTronics oscillating tower fan is a great pick for an area that’s up to 500 square feet, so if you’ve been looking for the best tower air conditioner for your home, then you might want to have a look at it to see what it’s got to offer.

Why We Like It – TaoTronics Tower Fan

With the TaoTronics Tower Fan as an addition to your bedroom, or general living space, you’ll be able to enjoy cool air, with the option to choose between 9 different modes for air distribution, as well as program it to a certain schedule thanks to the 9 hour timer.

  • Affordably priced
  • 12 Hour Timer
  • 9 Airflow Modes
  • Not height adjustable


The TaoTronics Oscillating fan has got up to 3 different fan modes, as well as 3 different wind modes for you to choose from. It’s also got up to 9 different air flow settings, though the Dyson Cool AM07 has just 1 more than it at 10. The tower fan oscillates at a wide angle of 65 degrees to ensure all round air circulation, and also has a wide base to give it a steady balance. The tower fan also has a well laid out control panel with only 6 buttons that cover most of what it’ll be able to do, and a large LED display right below them that is easy to read from a distance.

Energy Efficiency

The TaoTronics tower fan isn’t very power hungry. It’ll only require about 60 Watts of power to run, so you shouldn’t expect to see a significant increase in your electricity once you start using it. To keep energy costs down, you can also opt to use it’s sleep mode so that you can better manage its efficiency.


The TaoTronics Tower Fan unfortunately does not come with a filter installed, so you’re going to have to make sure that the air supply in your room has only got clean air. You could also improve the quality of the air by regularly cleaning up the fan, as it’s got a removable back cover that’s pretty easy to handle.


Just like the Lasko T42951, the Taotronics tower fan is also backed by a 1 year warranty, so should any problems come up right after you purchase it, don’t hesitate to reach out to the TaoTronics customer team, and they’ll be happy to assist.


With a remote control, up to 3 speed settings to choose from, and a space saving design, the TaoTronics TT-TF001 trumps a lot of other tower fans in it’s category, as an option that is both affordable and offers a lot of value. It’s backed by a reliable 1 year warranty, and is also pretty easy to clean and maintain. The only thing that makes it different from the PELONIS Oscillating Tower Fan is the color that it’s available in, since the two are very similar both in size and capabilities.

TaoTronics Tower Fan Wrap Up

If up until this point you’re still not quite sure about whether or not the TaoTronics Tower Fan is fit for use, then the next logical step would be to have a look at the customer reviews that have been left by other previous buyers, and find out what their experience with the unit was like. You’ll have to make sure that they are marked under “verified purchase” though, so that you’re sure that whoever wrote the review actually bought and used the unit.

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