The Tactical BBQ Apron is the Best Laid Plan for Summer Grilling

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I cook. I wear an apron.  And if strangers come over I suddenly feel emasculated.  It’s a ridiculous association, but sorry, I can’t help feel that way.  I could very well fold the apron in half, which is what most professional chefs do.  But alas, I don’t have the luxury of a laundry service or a chef’s jacket.

Enter the Tactical BBQ Apron.  This is cooking badassery…if such a thing exists. It’s jam-packed with all the pockets, slots, and even hooks for hanging, well, hookable utensils.   Moreover, there a select number of velcro pouches for storing more sensitive items, such as a smartphone, or the world’s finest spices.  And of course there is the traditional tactical MOLLE system loops, which should work with a wide variety of kitchen items.

Thinkgeek sells the Tactical BBQ Apron for $35.  It’s 100% cotton, which means it’s machine washable and as they warn is not design for actual combat other than a BBQ grill.

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