TabCat Cat Tracker Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re looking for the Best GPS Tracker available in the market in terms of positional accuracy, the TabCat Cat Tracker is a fantastic tracker to opt for. The RF locator technology inside alone has the capability of making this tracking device a potential for the Best Cat GPS Tracker for 100 bucks. And, if you want more product recommendations, read our best GPS tracker reviews.

Why We Like It – TabCat Cat Tracker

RFID homing tags are way more accurate compared to GPS tracking devices available in the market. But that is very rare to see in the pet trackers market. The TabCat Cat Tracker is one of the very few pet trackers that feature this technology.

  • Splash proof design
  • Just 0.21 ounce
  • Unlike other GPS trackers, no monthly subscription fees required
  • Signal can get easily blocked off because of the directional technology


A very big thing to note about this TabCat pet tracker is that unlike typical GPS trackers (e.g., the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker), it’s technically not a GPS tracker at all. So it very much has the potential of going out of range. The manufacturer TabCat advertises up to 400ft of coverage, but that number is going to go down hard if there’s even slight obstruction by a piece of furniture or something like that. Read our Spytec GL300 review if you want a tracker with a long battery life.


Pet owners should keep in mind that these things don’t come with rechargeable batteries inside. These TabCat pet tracking homing tags come with replaceable CR2032 batteries instead, something you should be able to find in your local stores easily. And the battery life isn’t terrible either. It’s not as impressive as the Whistle Cat Tracker, but it’s still pretty good.

Ease Of Use

There’s no SIM card involved in the whole setup process, so the installation part is a breeze. And the fact that you can attach these homing tags to not just your pets but also your other valuables in order to locate them really helps alleviate the value of these pet trackers. And you can set up training cycles in the app too, and instruct your cat to come home according to your needs, just like the Weenect 2 Cat Tracker. Check out our Tagg Pet tracker review for a great product that will monitor your pets.


These pet trackers come with a solid splash proof design. And it looks much better than most of the GPS trackers available in the market. It is also much sleeker and weighs just 0.21 ounce.


You get two homing tags in one pack, which is pretty great. And the fact that you don’t have to pay for a monthly subscription fee is good enough in our book. But we do acknowledge that limited range isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.

TabCat Cat Tracker Wrap Up

There really isn’t anything better than the TabCat Cat Tracker in terms of location accuracy below $100. If you already know your cat’s roaming pattern, this would be a fantastic pairing for your pet.