T3 Motion’s R3 Electric Vehicle Seats Two Like a Car But has a Motorcycle Status (video)

T3 Motion’s R3 is one odd looking piece of kit.  It’s not quite a car or a motorcycle, but in fact the combination of the two.  However, they’ve managed to achieve a motorcycle classification enabling the vehicle to travel in the car pool lane.  Since it sports a windshield and what appears to be roll bar like head rests, helmets should be optional, though that could vary by state.

In the center of the dash is a Galaxy Tab, though we’re hearing that originally they intended it to be an iPad.  Why the switch? We don’t officially know, but perhaps the proliferation of the Android platform made it more attractive.

T3 Motion says that the R3’s Lithium Ion batteries can achieve a 70-100 mile range on a single charge with a top speed of 70mph.  The projected MSRP is set between $25,000 – $35,000, which seems a tad expensive given the specs, but more importantly the top speed.


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