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T-fal C515SC Professional Non-stick 12-Piece Cookware Set Review

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From our list of the Best Cookware comes the T-fal C515SC Professional Non-stick 12-Piece Cookware Set which is a series of sauce and fry pans that supply any kitchen with a great arsenal of tools to cook something tasty. These pans have great features like being dishwasher safe which helps promote the longevity of these products.

Why We Like It – T-fal C515SC Professional Non-stick 12-Piece Cookware Se

The T-fal C515SC Professional Non-stick 12-Piece Cookware Sets is a collection of pans and tools essential for any kitchen. These pans have a thermo spot heat indicator to tell you when the pans are ready for use. Thanks to the stainless steel design these pans will last a while and be resistant to much of the heavy use in the kitchen.

  • Variety of non stick coating pans to use
  • Anti warping technology
  • One egg sized pan is too small


Stack your dutch ovens with this expanded collection from T-Fal. These pans have features like a nonstick thermo spot heat indicator which helps you add your food when the pan is perfectly preheated. If you enjoy these cooking sets with Thermo spot technology, you may also get other feature packed sets like the Cuisinart mcp-12n multiclad pro stainless steel. The hard anodized steel makes the frying pans less prone to warping, which is a stress reliever if you’ve ever had to cook on an unbalanced pan.

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This nonstick cookware set has an even heat base, so the heat will be equally distributed. The 12 piece set includes an 8 inch and 10.25 inch frying pan, a saucepan with a lid, a 3 quart and 5 quart pan, a steel steamer insert, a single egg fry pan which is quite small, and two nylon tools to use along with these pans. If you would like to explore past T-Fal cookware, another option to check out may be the Gotham steel all in one 20 piece nonstick cookware set which includes more pieces.

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If this heat induction based, non stick cookware collection is not for you, you may find that a better choice is the Rachael Ray 16333 cucina because of its lightweight design. You can also opt in to purchase the T-fal Ultimate hard anodized collection rather than the non stick version. Aside from the pans, the tools were a nice touch to ensure that whoever is receiving this set has everything they need to prepare their next dish. Handling these pans will be easy as well thanks to the silicone handles that provide a comfortable fit.

T-fal C515SC Professional Non-stick 12-Piece Cookware Se Wrap Up

The T-fal C515SC Professional Non-stick 12-Piece Cookware Set will make a great housewarming gift to any family that is starting off of a new journey and in a new kitchen. These pans will help you cook by indicating when they are pre-heated enough to cook some food. Thanks to the non stick design and the scratch resistance, the pans will last a long time in your cabinets with no worries of warping over time.

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