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SYRE iPod Nano Watch Case Adds Bluetooth for Wireless Headphones (video)

When Apple released the current iPod Nano there was some initial dismay – they’ve changed the form factor again and again rendering many accessories useless – that is until folks realized it could double as a watch with the proper case.  The result was an assortment of Kickstarter projects and products that turned the touchscreen music player into a timepiece that could boast a variety of faces.  However, one sustaining shortcoming of the iPod Nano is the lack of Bluetooth.  Which means that anyone exercising with the device will still have to drape a cord from wrist to ear.  Not an ideal setup for a serious runner.

Enter the SYRE.  At first blush it appears to be yet another watch case for the Nano.  And don’t get us wrong, for the most part it is.  However, what you can’t see is the integrated Bluetooth chip into the SYRE case, enabling Bluetooth headphones and those alike to wirelessly connect to the player without the hassle of wires and tangled cords getting in the way of your rigorous exercise – see our list of Best Headphones for Working Out.  Playing second fiddle in the feature department is a casing that protects the Nano’s ports from sweat, as well as bump and drops.

The SYRE is currently awaiting approval from Kickstarter to go live, which should happen in a matter of days.

5 Comments to SYRE iPod Nano Watch Case Adds Bluetooth for Wireless Headphones (video)

  1. Anonymous

    Où peut on acheter ce bracelet?

  2. Claude Joseph

    Has had no update to this project in more than two months, and it is now over 7 months late. Looks like he’s skipped town with backers’ money. Hope he proves us all wrong, but as of now this project stinks…

  3. 1867

    You still have use a Bluetooth head set….why purchase the wrist band when the headset will do or am I missing something….. Please explain

    • jp

      The wristband has the bluetooth adapter needed for the bluetooth headphones to work. I guess you could buy a bluetooth adapter instead of the wristband, let me know if you find one.

  4. Reidalopezibabao


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