Record players started out as a needle reading wax cylinders, with a great big horn for a speaker. Over the years they evolved into large pieces of furniture, as well as compact portable units. Record players have had a lot of design changes over the decades. These days we tend to focus more on style and Symbol’s Modern Record Player is big on style. The oval USB turntable is one slickly designed record player.

This Record Player is Big on Style

Symbol Audio is a company that is known for unique audio and furniture products. Speaking of audio, make sure your next audio stream comes out clear by heading over to our IOGEAR MediaShair hub review. Their latest offering is the aptly named Modern Record Player with upgradable wireless capability. With vinyl records outselling digital music downloads in 2017, buying a new record player is something that more folks are getting serious about. We may even start seeing record player sales that match the 1970s again if this trend continues. If you want the focus on the tech, take a look at our Pyle PLTTB8UI classic vinyl turntable review instead.


The Modern Record Player is a classic choice for home audio enthusiasts that has the features that we want in a turntable in 2018. It combines a traditional record player with the latest streaming technology. Plus it actually looks great in your home. Especially when you pair it with the custom designed stand.

It looks like a technological statue. I’m not sure how, but somehow they have managed to combine the best design ideas of the past and combine them with the modern in the perfect way.

It includes custom-engineered speakers and crossovers developed and tuned in partnership with Morel, an industry leader in speakers. It also has a custom-built class AB amplifier that delivers superior sound with well-defined bass. Other features include a three-phase turntable isolation system to get rid of vibrations, an acrylic platter for speed consistency, and a three-source selector switch for phono, auxiliary, or wireless.

Symbol Modern Record Player Is Stylish And Wireless
The Modern Record Player is stylish and elegant.

It Has All The Features You Want In a Modern Record Player

Of course being a modern record player, you can connect to a Wi-Fi audio source as well. A line-out lets you connect it to a home audio system as well. It comes in anodized Jet Black or Glacier White with brushed aluminum sides.

This actually has me excited to play some old records again.

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