Switchmate: Turn Your Ordinary Light Switch Into A Smart Light Switch

If you’re like me, you’re one of those people that want their entire home connected. Smart coffeemaker this, smart thermostat that — I want more of it all! In fact, I’m in the process of slowly making my dumb home a smart, connected one, and the next step is going to be buying the Switchmate, a new device that can turn your old light switches into smart ones.

The Switchmate is a small device that users can put directly over their current light switch without the need for rewiring or hiring someone to set it up for you. You simple “click” the device on top of your current light switch and download the app on your smartphone so that you can control that light switch from anywhere you have an internet connection. Or, if you’re already home, you can simply touch it to turn it on or off. The Switchmate automatically switches your ordinary light switch for you as if you were there flipping the switch yourself. You can even set timers using the smartphone app to set your lights to come on or go off at a certain time.

Switchmate is currently available for preorder, and unfortunately won’t be ready to ship until December. Bummer. Still, we’ll definitely be buying some of these smart light switches in December to add to our smart home.

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