The swinglet CAM is most likely out of your price range. Its maker’s website doesn’t list the cost, and usually that’s a good sign you can’t afford it.

Then again, in the day and age of Google Earth, there isn’t much you’d want it for anyway, unless you’re imaginative and artistic enough to find new ways of stitching together high resolution images taken from above.

Which, let’s face it, you’re probably not. But then again, this miniature flying wing slash self-driven drone, with its stabilizers, propeller, on-board processor, GPS and high-res camera, is mostly about what you’re not.

You certainly don’t need to be a pilot to guide it. Rather, you set waypoints for it on a map, as well as take-off and landing points, and it does the rest. Same with the actual act of photographing – set the targets beforehand and it does the job.




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  1. Google Maps are proprietary property – and you are not really allowed to do what you want with the maps… Just imagine what openStreetMap and similar open source free data initiatives could do with free aerial photos from something like the Swinglet CAM :-)

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