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Swingbyte 2 Can Help Improve Your Golf Game

swingbyte 2

Golf isn’t exactly an easy sport. It takes practice and lots of patience to excel at golf. Not to mention awesome form and a dope swing. To help you perfect that dope swing is the Swingbyte 2 gadget that will help empower your golf game with real-time swing data. The golf swing analyzer is the second version of the highly popular device that helps golfers up their game by providing them with helpful feedback on their game vi their mobile device.

Attache the Swingbyte 2 to your club and then right after you swing, the device app will display an interactive 3D visual of your swing with key data on how to improve it so that you know what you’re doing wrong or good. With real-time data in your hand, you can improve your game a lot faster than ever before. It features a four-hour rechargeable batter and will work with iOS and Android devices. It connects to the app via Bluetooth and has a new twist-resistant design unlike the first version. You can order it now for $149.

swingbyte 2

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