Swidget Is A Modular Outlet That Makes Your Home A Smart Home

The best smart plugs and outlets are a must for your smart home.

There are many smart outlets that you can choose from to make your home smarter, but what if you could buy a smart outlet that was modular? One outlet that serves a host of functions. It exists and it is super versatile. It’s called Swidget.

One Outlet. A World of Possibilities

This is far from your ordinary outlet. Yet it is simple and easy to use. Swidget installs using your home’s existing wiring and gives you a wide variety of inserts so that your outlet can do many things. One outlet, unlimited possibilities.

You can choose from modular inserts that include, aromatherapy, white noise speaker and Wi-Fi, Alexa repeater and Wi-Fi, a carbon monoxide detector, video camera and Wi-Fi, outlet control, IR remote control, night light, emergency light, motion sensor and more.

These outlets are designed so that you can install them in multiple rooms and use the modules for things that make sense in those rooms. You can have a USB module and a Bluetooth speaker module in the living room, while you also have a carbon monoxide detector in another room along with a motion detector.

Do you want to have aromatherapy in the bathroom so you can relax in the tub? No problem. A night light in your child’s room? It’s all good. Have your home the way that you want just by installing these outlets.

These smart outlets won’t stand out in your home and look bad either. They look just like regular outlets and use the same wiring. In fact, on its own, Swidget operates as a normal electrical outlet. It’s the inserts that make it powerful.

Swidget Is A Modular Outlet That Makes Your Home A Smart Home
Swidget is all about possibilities.

Make Your Home Smarter

The Swidget inserts bring smart home functionality and automation to your home. The inserts can connect to your existing network (Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, etc.) or function on their own. These outlets open up a world of possibilities.

For those looking for an easy way to dip their toes into the world of home automation, this is a great way to start.

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