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Swann PenCam DVR Records Nefarious Activities On The DL

Corporate espionage is probably pretty low on the totem poll of most executives, but yes, there are sleuths out there hired specifically to perform this sort of activity.  Given the slumping economy and the need to make more money, you probably don’t wanna outsource for this sort of clandestine operation.  The Swann PenCam DVR will let you keep all your snooping in house.  Built-in to the head of the pen is a tiny camera which can record up to 3 hours of AVI video on the 2GB of flash storage.  Course, the PenCam’s battery is only good for 90 minutes.  Close talking will be a bit of a requirement since the mic only pics up audio within a 3 foot range.

The Swann PenCam DVR will be available soon for $120.

Full release below

Santa Fe Springs, Calif. – (December 30, 2008) – Swann Communications, the global leader in security monitoring solutions, proudly announces the debut of the PenCam DVR. Designed to covertly capture video footage and easily transfer it to the user’s computer, the PenCam DVR is an all-in-one surveillance system that allows anyone to make their own hidden videos.

The PenCam DVR captures color AVI video files thanks to a camera concealed in the end of a real working pen. All footage is recorded on internal 2GB memory, capable of recording over 3 hours of video footage. When the memory is full, simply unscrew the pen and the lower half of the pen contains a USB connector that plugs into the user’s PC or laptop for easy back-up. Audio surveillance up to 3 feet is made possible by a built-in microphone. The PenCam DVR is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery that lasts 90 minutes on a full charge and recharges via a computer’s USB port.

“The addition of internal memory is by far the biggest improvement we made to the original PenCam concept,” commented Guy Pithie, Swann Communication’s Vice President North America. “Our customers are also looking for simplified ways to transfer video footage to their computers, making it easy to upload to sites like YouTube. The PenCam DVR’s hidden USB connector is a clever way to easily remove video footage from the device without worrying about cables or adaptors.”

The PenCam DVR has a MSRP of $119.99 and is coming soon to Swann’s retail and online resellers.

See Swann Communication’s PenCan DVR and other video surveillance innovations at this year’s CES show. Swann Communications is exhibiting at Booth# 8559 in Central Hall.

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