SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike Review

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Updated March 1, 2023
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Electric bikes have come a long way since the first models. These days they offer faster speeds, better range and are much more portable. The SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike is a great example. But can you consider it the best electric bike around? You are about to find out since I recently spent many hours testing this ebike.

The SwagCycle is durable, but light, and it reaches top speeds of up to 18 miles per hour.  The 264-pound weight limit means that larger folks can get in on the fun too. It even has a built-in smartphone charger. Just plug your phone or electronic devices into the USB port in a hidden compartment. But does it perform well in the real world? Read my buying guide below for all of the details. If you also go on regular bike rides daily, you should also take a look at our review of this magnetic bike light too.

Is The Swagcycle The Swag To Take Home?

SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike
SwagCycle Pro Folding Electric Bike


The SwagCycle is a unique electric bike experience.

Not only does the Swagtron SwagCycle have a unique design, but it also folds quickly and easily, allowing you to take it with you on the bus or on a train. It has a great look. But that’s not all it has going for it, with some nice bike features.


  • Strong but light
  • 18 miles per hour top speed
  • It can charge your phone


  • Wheels work best on paved roads
  • Seat should be adjustable
  • Charge time could be better

SwagCycle Build Quality And Design

The SwagCycle’s design is pretty different from anything out there. Though it is similar to the Swagcycle EB1. It’s kind of sporty and kind of futuristic in a tubular way. It looks different enough to catch the eye, but it also serves a purpose. The design makes it easy to carry when you fold it down. I suspect it is also responsible for the smooth ride that this electric bike delivers. It’s light at 30.4 pounds, which is slightly lighter than the Orbea Gain ebike. And, it has a maximum load of 264 pounds. The lightweight steel frame is solid and durable.

This folding ebike also has dual disk brakes, an easy-to-use SwagCycle II app, built-in cell phone charging, and bright bike light for nighttime.

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How Powerful is the SwagCycle?

Modern electric bikes have powerful hub motors, and this one is no exception. It has a 250-watt motor helping it hit speeds of up to 18 mph. But, if you want a bike that has speeds of 24 mph, you’ll want to read our Speedrid folding ebike review. In conjunction with the 37v lithium battery, it gives you a max range of 15.5 miles on a single charge, which is not much different than the Bianchi Impulso e-road electric bike. That’s a great range per charge to explore your city.

Charging Time

The Swagtron Swagcycle Pro has a 3-4 hour charging time, which, frankly, could be better considering the specs. There are others on the market that offer similar top speeds and ranges with a shorter battery charge time. While I wasn’t thrilled with the wait, this e-bike is worth it. Plus, you can plug your mobile devices in and charge them from the ah lithium-ion battery too.


So how did this unusual motor bicycle perform? Very nice, actually. I was surprised by how smooth the ride was. The 12″ front and 10″ rear air-filled rubber tires absorb bumps in the road very nicely. The top speed seems perfect for this Swagtron Swagcycle ebike, and the dual disk brakes work beautifully. It’s just fast enough to feel safe while you tackle speeds that feel like flying to your destination quickly. And while the seat is a comfortable fat tire bike, I did wish that I could adjust it, but sadly it is not adjustable. It folds down in a second and is easy to carry with you when needed.

Swagtron is known for its quality vehicles, and this is their best robust and foldable electric bike. This Swagcycle ebike has a great motor and lithium-ion battery. Whether you want to ride to work or run errands, this is a great riding experience. It only takes a few minutes to set it up and make adjustments before the first ride.

One important note: It is great on paved roads, but does not perform well on other terrains. This is not a men’s mountain bike.

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Bottom Line

This is a surprisingly excellent ebike for kids or adults. It has power, style, and is priced right. While I did want a faster charge time and didn’t like that the seat was not adjustable, this is a reliable and pleasant ride for any situation. I can highly recommend this one to anyone who needs a folding ebike. Who needs electric skateboards or an electric scooter when you have this? It is among the best folding bikes. And no bike pedaling and zero emissions!

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