Suunto Ambit 3 Running Watch Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Suunto Ambit3 is a watch for anyone that practices a variety of sports, and is looking for something nice to wear, but also heavily packed with smart functions. The Ambit3 sport comes equipped with a heart sensor, barometer, compass, accurate gps, all working within the 200hr battery life. Through the Suunto apps you can view calories burned, lap times, steps and more. Bluetooth capabilities are also included, so your phone will receive all notifications through the watch as a second screen. It is with no surprise that a watch like this made it in our Best Running Watches with other great products like the Garmin forerunner 35 running watch.

Why We Like It – Suunto Ambit 3 Running Watch Review

The Suunto Ambit 3 Running Watch is a smartwatch fit for the bravest journeys. If you’re into hiking, there is an altimeter to show you how high you’re moving up. If the activity is swimming, rest assured there’s a mode for it on the ambit3. With all the many sport modes the watch provides, you will surely find a sport you enjoy, and will be able to record stats in real time through the suunto movescount app. Pair it with a smooth black finish, and we have a watch that is both very useful, and visually appealing.

  • Long battery life
  • Bluetooth Smart
  • Suunto Movie
  • Heavy design


The Suunto Ambit3 sport watch is a powerful device in many ways. Through the app, there is a feature called bike power that analyzes your cycling and reads out as power watts, which may be useful to a handful of people, yet it is still an interesting feature. The heart rate monitor, also known as the smart sensor, provides accurate heart data for your personal records. The Ambit3, through Suunto Ambit3 peak, will know when it is your recovery time and status during this health journey. If the Suunto Ambit3 is a yawn there are still other options to choose from such as the Lintelek Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor that offers a different design, or Timex Ironman Classic 30 Full-Size 38mm Running Watch.


This is one of the few watches that nailed being bold and futuristic while still having a fashionable feel to it. This is the kind of watch that goes well with an outdoor or a night out outfit. The bit style display gives the watch that traditional digital look, and most likely helps stretch out that battery like to its 200 hours. With a gps watch as stacked as this, you can’t help but see why it may be a little of the heavier side. It’s a bummer there weren’t more color options.

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There is much to enjoy from the Ambit3 watch, it seems every feature is geared towards anyone trying to organize their health journey. From the exercise to the results, Ambit3 helps save all your data, and even helps to post it on social media. The variety of tools it contains help out in intense activities like hiking and swimming. At the end of sports, it still is a fancy watch to wear out for the day.

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Suunto Ambit 3 Running Watch Review Wrap Up

While the price requires a quick double-take, the Suunto Ambit3 Running Watch is a watch that lives up to its price by the variety of functions it can complete. You will always stay connected to your phone, so you never have to miss an important call or text ever again. You will be able to record all the necessary stats through the suunto smart app, or even post your results online. You will have features to help you in multiple sports, and a watch that can withstand the pressures of use during training. This is a watch for those ready to fully commit to improving their fitness journey.

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