Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 Receive Major Upgrades

The recently released Surface Pro 4 and particularly the Surface Book were instant powerhouses, with more capability than we’d seen in hybrids and tablets before (and a price tag to match). But if you were somehow still left discontent, Microsoft has a big 2016 surprise for you.

While the original versions of the Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 came with several different upgrade options, it just wasn’t enough. Microsoft has now released a new slew of elite tiers for these mobile computer models, increasing speed, power, and storage….for those who can afford it.

Surface Book
A shiny new stylus and incredibly powerful hardware mark the new version of Microsoft’s flagship models.

We would discuss the stats separately, but Microsoft has equipped both these high-end computer models with the same specs, so the major difference is rather or not you prefer a more laptop-oriented design or a more flexible tablet option (both use touchscreens). Both versions can be upgraded to a Core i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of hard drive space, which are specs that would look great on any home PC, let alone a tiny Windows tablet.

There are a couple smaller differences between the two models worth pointing out. First, the Surface Book does provide a discrete GPU, while this is beyond the abilities of the Pro 4 – in other words, the Book will still be better at graphics and video that Microsoft tablets. Second, the Book comes with an upgraded stylus, too: It’s gold in color (not in fact – we have to be careful about that these days), and comes with a kit that allows you to adjust the tip until you find a version that works best for you.

These advanced options are probably intended for professionals who need to run more demanding software on their machines but still want portability – or perhaps students or artists who want a computer that can handle their lifestyle from one end to the other. But the devilish details wait in the price. You’ll need to spend $3,200 for a new high-end Surface Book, and $2,700 for the best Surface Pro 4. How many of you are willing to pony up that much for the best of the best?

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