Sur La Table SteakChamp Thermometer Helps Cook The Perfect Steak

Sur La Table SteakChamp Thermometer

With summer here, you’re probably doing a lot of BBQing, right? If you’re playing host to Saturday BBQs on your patio or looking to meet up with your bed buds for a poker night where you’re treating them to some steaks, then you’ll probably want to get the Sur La Table SteakChamp Thermometer that helps you make the perfect steak! There’s no fancy gizmos or buttons to push to start the thermometer – simply active it it by placing it the cradle, insert it in the meat sideways and then flip and rotate as usual by following the indicators on the thermometer. Works on the grill or if you are making steak in your favorite best stainless steel cookware.

A slow flash means that your steak is close to reaching its desired temperature, while a fast, double flash alerts to when it’s done and ready to be taken off the grill. Then that double flash will continue until the steady has rested for the right amount of time so you can get your grub on. There are four thermometers available (you have to buy each one separate), which include rare, medium rare, medium and medium well. Each thermometer goes for $49.95.

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