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Updated March 17, 2023
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Weighing in at under 3 pounds just like the speaker in our Nest Audio review, as soon as you unbox the SuperTooth Disco speaker and see it in its long, sleek velcro carrying case, you almost immediately want to have a barbecue in the park or a backyard party to use it with. In these scenarios, the speaker is ideal, pairing easily to any Bluetooth-enabled device to turn the songs you store on your phone into content that can be broadcasted loudly to share with your friends or enjoy while at home. Packaged with a charging cable and a 3.5mm cord to use in a wired environment, SuperTooth is prepared for every possible way to use the speaker. Jam-packed with features, this speaker is definitely among the highly-rated Bluetooth speakers.

With a 12-watt subwoofer and two 8-watt speakers, the SuperTooth Disco really does have a powerful sound to it. For personal use, I find it’s more than capable of blasting my music at roughly a quarter of the maximum volume with the bass boost on. Requiring more energy to run with higher volumes, this setting gets me about 15 hours of continuous play, which is certainly more than I’ve ever needed to run in a wireless environment. For another speaker with long playtime, read our Libratone Loop review.

Where the battery life gets truly impressive is in the speaker’s standby mode. The Disco goes into standby shortly after the sound stops being transmitted through it, and starts back up again a few seconds after the sound resumes. In its standby mode, the SuperTooth Disco can stay powered for 1500 hours. Let me do the math for you here: 62 and ½ days. With a full battery, your SuperTooth Disco can sit on standby for two entire months before losing its charge. The device hasn’t been in my possession long enough for me to confirm this exact figure, but I can confirm that I’ve charged it exactly twice since receiving it, once after getting it out of the box and once after testing the continuous play life. Since then I have left it on standby, bringing it out for a few hours every week or so during a get-together, and the speaker just keeps running.

The sound is dominant coming from this speaker, as well. Some minor quirks to it have made my listening experience less than optimal, however. The subwoofer is located on the back-left of the speaker, meaning that the bass tends to be more dominant on one side than the other, and without the boosted bass, a slight tinny rattle of more treble-focused instruments is easily audible. I was able to fix this problem by putting the speaker in a more acoustic-friendly room with minimal furniture and a tile floor, but these problems keep the speaker from being truly utilitarian. Our Tego Audio Cera review showcases a Bluetooth speaker with great sound quality.

The speaker looks and works great for the most part however, is easily portable, and can even be gripped in one hand. It’s lightweight, and comes with a nice black carrying case with a velcro front for tweaking volume and changing tracks as well as a back velcro flap so that it can be charged or connected to a wired device without having to remove it from its case, as well as a vent for the subwoofer to both draw in and expel air. It pairs very easily to every device I’ve tried to connect it with, including one evening in which I had two people jockeying for the DJ position with their phones. They were able to switch their pairing back and forth quickly without a large lull in the tunes. For a Bluetooth speaker with streaming capabilities, read through our Sonos Play:3 review.

The SuperTooth Disco isn’t really a suitable solution for your computer desk or entertainment center, but is just fine to keep you entertained in the kitchen or across the bathroom while you’re in the shower. Out in a public setting like a camping trip or even for an old-school-style ghetto blaster experience, the SuperTooth Disco shines head and shoulders against just about any other solution. With one of the most amazing battery lives I’ve ever encountered and a very powerful blast of audio, the SuperTooth Disco will do wonders as an upgrade from onboard speakers on your phone, tablet, or laptop.

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Bottom Line: The SuperTooth Disco is the most versatile, long-lasting portable audio solution I’ve handled. While there are some flaws in terms of actual audio quality, the output and ease of use wow everybody I’ve shown the product off to. Though it may not be perfect, in the areas the Disco shines, it goes well above and beyond expectations every single time.


  • Incredible battery life that stays preserved through intelligent sleep mode that activates and deactivates dependent upon whether any sound signal is being sent
  • Bass boost is very effective, adding to the already impressive volume capabilities that make the Disco speaker ideal for any kind of large room or outdoor situation
  • Easy to transport with Velcro case that allows for wireless or wired use, and track navigating controls featured on the front panel


  • Treble and higher sounds are tinny when using only the speaker, a problem that alleviates itself in the right acoustic space
  • Only one subwoofer on the left side can make the stereo effects feel lopsided from time to time when using the speaker
  • With only a one-setting bass boost and no other tuning features, audio enthusiasts may not like the Disco’s sound, and are largely unable to adjust it

The SuperTooth Disco is available from Amazon for $117.18.