Superconducting Magnet Floats in Place (video)

Chances are, your understanding of science is largely dictated by movies.  Unless of course you wear a white lab coat and a pair of glasses.  Case in point, the Hover Board from “Back to the Future 2”.  This particular piece of movie magic, which has been referenced more than a handful of times in the last few months thanks to a variety of magnetically floating objects, such the Light Light and that magnet that floated through a cooper tube, is theoretically viable but not really doable in really world terms.  Or is it?


What this video depicts is something called Quantum Levitation.  Don’t ask us, because we really don’t know how it works.  However, we can tell you that what you’re about to see doesn’t seem to include any special effects or strings.  The puck sized device floats – the science student says otherwise – above a metal tray and “locks” into place.  It’s a bit hard to describe so we suggest you just watch the video.  But if you watch closely, the puck doesn’t really float as much as it just sits there, fixed in mid air.   Later in the video its placed on a metal disc and with a slight push rotates effortlessly in circles.  It’s a stunning effect, though replicating this at home might take some seriously expensive equipment, and even then it might not get you laid.

Christen Costa

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